About this site

This site's layout was inspired by Dave Lane's old website which I found to be simple and elegant, it was protected by the Creative Commons License which allows me to modify and use the layout as long as I attribute the work (which I'm doing now). I have also elected to use the Creative Commons License to protect my work.

About the Icons

I'm using a subset of icons from the "Crystal Clear" collection which I found on iconBase.com back when that was a thing.

For the lone star bottle cap collection I commissioned icons for the crowns from Yasiman Ahsani; they were excellent to work with!

About me

I'm currently a freelance web application developer, you can hire me to help streamline operations of your small to medium business!

So after writing that little blurb I realized that this whole site is about me, so this section is really redundant, but its too late I already wrote it.