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you're definitely doing it way wrong

Feb. 27, 2009, 6:06 p.m. by Trey
to kind of lighten up the mood of the blog for a change; i came across this motivational poster while i was being bored on the internet today. it pertains in two ways: a. you're doing it wrong b. i like chickens it made me giggle, thoughts?

cats, sans lol

June 23, 2008, 10:56 p.m. by Lew
your cat would eat you if you were smaller
What is the deal with people and cats? i was at a group function with what i would call hip young people, probably about 10 people at this gathering. we jokingly started talking about our cats in the way old people do, but the joke stopped and the cat talk continued. where were the dogs in the conversation? let me say, i like cats, i have a cat. except during college i have always had a cat. i love all animals i would have one of everything on earth if i could. i think on some level we can relate to any animal. but i think dogs and humans have a special relationship. we see our favorite human characteristics in dogs and they see their's in us. since we came out of the trees canines and humans have been growing closer, relying on each other more. dogs would not be here without us (wolfs would, but not dogs) and who knows maybe we would have been eaten by saber tooth tigers were it not for our canine companions. in the last couple years, for the first time in american history the cat has been more popular than the dog as a pet. cats have their place in our homes, but they are not our partner in the way dogs are. they like us and give companionship but really it is a relationship of convienience for them. they eat our pests, we give them a home. we feed them, they return with purring and nuzzling. but most of the time they could care less about us. what does it say about as a people that we are becoming cat people? what does it say about our society? cats are an easy pet. they don't need walks. they don't really need our companionship. are we getting lazy? are we going for the easy pet? are we becoming more like cats? we would rather lay on the couch and sleep than chase a fish in the river? this bothers me people. i must confess i do not currently have a dog. i can't bring myself to keep a dog in my tiny apartment all day. but in my ideal world our dogs would be our constant companions. not in the way but there. riding in the backs of our (solar powered) trucks. curled up under our desks at work. and making sure we get outside and run and play a bit. cats are good but when have you seen a cat ride in a truck bed? or help a person catch food? never. they are sweet. a cat (that is friends with the dog) is part of my american dream. but i am a bit disturbed by the penchant for cats that i am perceiving. maybe it is because i am living in a real city for the first time in my life (el paso does not count) because this preference is new to me. dogs are popular in austin. it is a dog friendly city. i think what i am getting at is _ i want a dog!!!_ edit: this was sort of prompted by sam's post below. it in no way is meant to denigrate him or his kitties. they are good kitties and he's a good guy. but people get some dogs! seriously. if i could i would have an actual wolf and it would protect me from other native tribes. i will settle for a siberian husky and tennis ball though.


May 18, 2008, 6:58 p.m. by Lew
I would like to thank my gracious host Paul Stiverson allowing me to contribute to thismatters.net. Paul, your site is one of my favorites and it is an honor to be here, I hope to do you proud. I will make my first real post soon. This post is so we can get to know each other. I am LEW. I live in Austin, TX with my lovely girl friend Rachel. A mean cat and two gay rabbits. I hope to share my exploits and thoughts. I am a full time biologist and part time shark wrangler. My interests are science, especially marine biology, Texas, delicious food (including the growing and preparation of it) and living well. I don't have anyone in particular I dislike, but I want to live well just in case I ever need to get revenge. I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences and I hope to learn about yours, perhaps inspire you try something fun and new. Until next... catch phrase!
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