Roomate Lulz

July 7, 2008, 11:45 p.m. by Paul Stiverson
On Mondays we usually make a run to the supermarket after supper, and today was no exception. This week I happened to notice that the limes were right by the coconuts, and—like the rest of you—I immediately thought of the song and laughed. The gal who was there beside me (who happens to be Indian and had never heard the song) asked what was so funny, and I explained that just about every American would spout off that song when presented with a lime and a coconut. I proved this shortly after by showing that very combination to another intern who promptly sang the song. Anywho, we decided that it would be fun to buy and eat a coconut. Well, we get back to the dorm and break out the coconut, puncture the top and try the milk… not too good, in fact, pretty dang bad. We decide that we should open it up and see what the coconut itself tastes like. When I cracked it open everything looked fine, we decide to taste it. HORRIBLE. At this point my roommate, Marco—remember, he is Italian—walks up and asks if he can try some; we give him fair warning that it tastes bad and he disregards the warning and tosses a bit in his mouth. A few moments of contemplation later he looks up at us, arms by his sides, shoulders kinda slumped and says, “Am I going to die?” I almost fell over the railing on the balcony I was laughing so hard.
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Faith Says:

July 10, 2008
if only you\'d had that woot shirt to wear on the occasion.

Paul Stiverson Says:

July 9, 2008
I’m sure that not all coconuts are that bad, in fact I’m certain there are ones out there that are awesome. Voted bad coconut.

Lew Says:

July 9, 2008
was it a bad coconut or are all coconuts bad?

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