Mark’s Wedding

Aug. 11, 2008, 11:20 a.m. by Paul Stiverson
This past weekend I travelled to Dallas for Mark’s (a fellow contributor to this bloog) wedding, and boy howdy, it was a blast. ### The Rehearsal Dinner Everybody meets up at the church and we proceed to have a pretty elaborate rehearsal for the wedding… rather than just remember where we were supposed to stand we put pins in the carpet to mark our locations. The planner did a really great job at being prepared, but sometimes it is best to just step back and let the magic happen. On an interesting side-note, I got matched up with the best looking bridesmaid. One thing that struck me as kinda odd was that the bride didn’t participate in the rehearsal at all, she was there, but she just sat there in the pew. Apparently the planner wanted her to shoot from the hip on the big day. Anyway, after the rehearsal we all went to dinner at a ridiculous restaurant in Dallas (I can’t remember the name, Mark?). We get there and the first thing they do is start pouring us some pretty damn tasty wine, so far so good. The food they delivered was abso-fucking-lutely amazing, but unfortunately I was seated across the table from one of the less good looking bridesmaids (thanks Mark). Then came the gift giving part. Mark had everybody in the room leaking like a sieve with his emotionally charged descriptions of his relationship with everybody in the room (thanks Mark). ### Post Rehearsal Dinner Drunkfest After the rehearsal dinner we all retired to the hotel (which Mark’s parents were gracious enough to provide for us) and promptly got fucked up and retold some old corps stories. The fellow with whom I was sharing a room ended up getting a little too drunk though, and the night ended with him wandering around the room naked looking for his cellphone/underwear (well it really ended with me leaving the room after he started vomiting, but that isn’t as funny as the drunken nakedness). ### Pre-Wedding Shenanigans About an hour and fifteen minutes before we were supposed to be at the church (for preparations and pictures and shit) we decided to make a trip down to the amusement center which was conveniently located directly adjacent to the hotel to ride some go-carts. I have to admit that I wasn’t too keen on the plan, but I went so as not to be a wet-blanket. This was the right decision, I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun. Needless to say we were all about 15 minutes late to the church, and the groom was about 30 minutes late; no biggie. ### Wedding Boringness Once we are all there and dressed we commence the waiting around part of the day. We all sat around for at least 30 minutes waiting for the photographer to show up, and after the elderly couple with the camera and weird umbrella thing showed up we all wanted to kill them. They were easily the most irritating people within a two-mile radius. The wedding went off without a hitch; credit should go to the thorough preparation by the wedding planner I’m sure. Immediately after the wedding there were more pictures to be taken. If I had a crowbar I would have taken to each of those camera toting dorks with a fury that cannot be adequately described. ### Reception The reception was pretty awesome (I submit that Jim and Jamie’s was still awesomer but that is neither here nor there). At one point the DJ brought the entire wedding party out on the dance floor to do a wedding party dance, this was the definition of a poorly executed great idea. First problem, the dance floor was about two sizes too small for the number of people on it. Second problem, the song that was selected was entirely too fast (3rd gear and seventeen, but Aaron Watson). Third problem, I’m a natural showoff. Those three things equal my dance parter and me in a compromising position on the ground, goddamn I’m a loose cannon sometimes. Oh well, nobody got hurt, but it did so happen that the cameraman got the whole incident on film (thanks Mark, I expect you to edit that out (and put it on youtube or some shit)). Those who know me best are aware that I love to waltz, this being the case I bugged the crap out of Mark (before the wedding) to make sure that the DJ played some waltzes, and then I bugged the crap out of the DJ to play some waltzes. Unfortunately only one waltz was played, and it was only for the married couples. I asked the DJ to spin another and he said, “Sure thing chief, the next song will be a waltz”. As it happened the next song was “The Chair”, by George Strait; at the time I thought, hmm not a waltz, but a good song never-the-less. I went back and bugged the DJ, “I though you were going to play a waltz”, the person behind the booth replied “‘The Chair’ is a waltz”. I was once again reaching for my crowbar. A lesson for the rest of you: when hiring a DJ bring along a boom-box and ask them to classify a few songs by the type of dance that is to be done to them, if they can’t determine what a waltz is then hire somebody else. This wasn’t a huge deal, but I didn’t get to waltz with Mandy or Mallory. ### Post Reception Drunkfest After the reception we all retired to the hotel once again, and we got drunk(er) once again; but this time we had some intelligence and we went back to the go-carts, it was slightly less fun this time because the place was a bit more crowded, but still pretty damn fun.
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Mark Says:

Aug. 20, 2008
drunken go-carts. we have to do that again.

Paul Stiverson Says:

Aug. 19, 2008
I do agree that the open bar was nice, but my priorities involve a dancefloof moreso than a barstool.

Faith Says:

Aug. 19, 2008
i\'ve been hearing a lot of people bitching about wedding photographers lately. what the hell, photographers? there are a million of you out there in the world. you would think you\'d want to get your shit together & prove you\'re better than the masses. also, should i ever get married, there is no way i\'m paying money to someone who will undoubtedly play music i hate. winamp will take care of the music just fine, thankyouverymuch. anyway, congrats mark! sounds like it was a good time, in spite of the shitty photographers.

Mark Says:

Aug. 18, 2008
flora, fauna, fire...

Mark Says:

Aug. 18, 2008
1) Saint Martin\'s was the rest. 2) Only sissies cry 3) I was only 15 minutes late and even lindsay said the go carts were an important team building exercise. 4) Open Bar, Keg, Blonde Bottles, Wine > smaller than expected dance floor (your flop on the dance floor to Reckless was awesome btw). 5) Hey Jamie posted this time! My wedding was a success 6) I told the DJ I wanted waltzes and gave him a list of like 4 or 5 buddy approved songs. Which he would have gotten around to if the photogs hadnt eaten a damned hour of our time after the wedding instead of the scheduled 30 mins. Whether anyone noticed it or not I was cracking the whip on those wonder twin-shutter bugs, their final count was over 700 pictures.

jamie Says:

Aug. 18, 2008
Im so glad that you thought so much of our wedding reception. We sure had a blast! :) and it was pretty great to see the buddies at Mark\'s wedding. Jim and i really enjoyed the weekend.

john grego Says:

Aug. 11, 2008
sounds like a great time

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