On Jackets

Oct. 7, 2008, 11:54 p.m. by Sam
It's a bone-chilling 66ºF currently in Austin, Texas. While it'll be a good while before I need to wear anything resembling a jacket, I got to thinking about jackets. Now that I'm an "adult" and have a "job" that requires me to dress slightly nicer than jeans and tshirt, I should probably have an adult jacket, but not sure what to get. The following is a timeline of notable jackets I have owned. **7th grade (1996-1997)**: Big Starter jackets were all the rage. I had a Dallas Stars jacket. **8th grade (1997-1998)**: I had a Longhorns Starter jacket. Not sure what I was thinking there. **9th grade (1998-1999)**: For Christmas I got an Adidas windbreaker that I was pretty proud of. **10th-12th grades and early college(1999-2004)**: I guess I mostly wore hoodie sweatshirts. **Late college (2004-2005)**: I got into vintage brown leather jackets in a big way, thanks to Fight Club. I got my first one in a thrift store in New Orleans. I found another in a thrift store somewhere else. Maybe the Left Handed Monkey. I also got into corduroy jackets. I had a brown corduroy number that hinted at being western. I also had a gray corduroy jacket with brown suede elbow patches that I called my professor jacket, but the back of it had some stains, so I only wore it to dark places. It looked especially quaint during the time I broke several toes and walked with a cane for a few weeks. **Grad school (2006-2008)**: I wore a casual navy blue zip-up American Eagle jacket that I got with a gift card someone gave me. An ok jacket, but a little preppy. Also the sleeve cuffs stretched out and became loose and floppy if I pushed my sleeves up for more than 5 minutes, which I did often. This jacket required lots of washing to reshrink the cuffs. I also started wearing flannel shirts in college on days that weren't freezing, but required something long-sleeve. **Adulthood (2008-????)**: Not sure what to get. I'd like something that says I'm an adult, well put together, but also young and fashionable and still with the indie crowd. Suggestions? What are some of your notable jackets?
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faith Says:

Oct. 8, 2008
oh, shut it.

Paul Stiverson Says:

Oct. 8, 2008
[Stuff White People Like #110—Pea Coats](http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/10/02/111-pea-coats/)

lew Says:

Oct. 8, 2008
Sir, you live in texas. You will need a light sweater three days of the year. Jackets are unnecessary.

Faith Says:

Oct. 8, 2008
granted, i don\'t know you or your style at all, but [this jacket from banana republic](http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/product.do?cid=32658&pid=586667) and [this one from express](http://www.express.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=942&parentCategoryId=1&categoryId=72&subCategoryId=72) kinda sound like they fit the bill. i like a lot of banana republic\'s other jackets, too, like [this one](http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/product.do?cid=32658&pid=593777&scid=593777012) and [this one](http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/product.do?cid=32658&pid=593781&scid=593781002), although those lean more towards \"well put-together\" than \"with the indie crowd.\" a [peacoat](http://www.express.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=1713&parentCategoryId=1&categoryId=72&subCategoryId=72) is always a safe bet, and they pretty much blend in with whatever style you\'re wearing, so if you\'re wearing something nice, it\'ll look nice, and if you\'re wearing a t-shirt & jeans, it\'ll look hip & casual. anyway, that may be more information than you wanted, but i have a thing for jackets, so you\'ll have to excuse me. (=

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