don't just say google

March 7, 2009, 4:25 p.m. by Lew
here let me google that for you
I have something that matters to share with the internet. When someone asks a question don't just tell them to google it. A question is a way of starting a conversation. conversations are an essential tool for human survival and happiness. if someone asks you a question they are interested in you. they have some sort of respect for you and want you to share knowledge. we could just google everything but that isn't a society i want to partake in.
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sam Says:

March 13, 2009
If you ask someone about something that you know they\'re particularly interested in or that they\'re an expert on, that\'s one thing, but don\'t ask somebody a question you could easily google or don\'t really care the answer to just to start conversation.

lew Says:

March 12, 2009
There are exceptions and plenty of lazy bastards out there. But it is infuriating to be told \"google it\" when you are attempting to start a conversation. Maybe I should blame the lazy people for ruining that conversation opener rather than the people with knowledge for not sharing.

faith Says:

March 12, 2009
_if someone asks you a question they are interested in you. _ uh...that\'s not really true. i work in an office where some people are just lazy, and they randomly spout out shit like, \"where\'s harvard?\" and \"what does FMIAC stand for?\" they\'re not asking because they\'re interested in me, what i have to say, or even the question itself. they\'re asking because they need the answer to do their jobs, and they\'re too lazy to look it up themselves.

sam Says:

March 9, 2009
Just like the Olympic swimming relay diving board debacle in which everyone _decided_ that the boards _must_ vibrate when the approaching swimmer touches the pad, even though I insisted they do not. Sometimes people ask questions they don\'t really want an answer to.

lew Says:

March 8, 2009
This is equally important: If you are in a conversation in real life and there is some fact that the group is trying to remember don\'t try to deduce the fact. You can\'t deduce a fact by just guessing. It is a fact. Go look it up. I have been in too many conversations where several minutes are spent guessing a fact, with a few people deciding that yes, they have figured out a fact based on nothing but guesses. If you really need a concrete fact look it up. You will almost certainly be wrong trying to guess what the fact is. There are better ways to make small talk and they don\'t involve inventing false facts.

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