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May 25, 2009, 11:27 a.m. by Paul Stiverson
### Sprint’s Now Network According to an interesting commercial which is appearing on [Hulu]( these days, [Sprint’s Now Network]( privacy policy needs some revision. Apparently they want potential customers to believe that they monitor and scan emails, text messages, tweets, locations, and… well everything else that their customers are up to. Interesting gambit, lets see if it works out. ### Ketel One Vodka [Ketel One’s]( new ad campaign which is appearing on Hulu features a bunch of manly men (think people acting like Barney from _How I Met Your Mother_) purporting that drinking other vodkas is not manly because they come in “Delicately painted perfume bottles.” They end the ad by saying “Gentlemen, this is vodka”, while at the bottom of the screen they flash “DISTILLED FROM WHEAT. 40% ALC/VOL”. Yeah, real manly, vodka distilled from wheat, why don’t you ‘real men’ try drinking some real vodka made from potatoes.
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mark Says:

May 26, 2009
:) I\'m a potato-vodka fan.

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