A[nother] Challenger Approaches

June 11, 2009, 8:16 p.m. by Paul Stiverson
A little less than a year ago I [commented on Cuil](http://thismatters.net/ramblings/comment.php?post_id=176), a search engine that was trying to compete with Google for a slice of that money cake that Google has been nomming on for quite some time. Now Microsoft is throwing their hat in the ring too… again (there has always been an MSN search engine which sucks). They recently unveiled a new service called Bing, which I predict—like Cuil—will not be able to squeeze out a toe-hold on the search market. Alas, Microsoft is sidestepping the primary error that Cuil made, they are advertising the shit out of Bing, and they are doing so in markets that appeal to the internet savvy—or at least internet aware—crowd. This past week they had a live Hulu broadcast of “Bing-a-thon”, which starred a hostess from G4 (Olivia Munn). I didn’t watch it because I fucking hate Microsoft (and I forgot when it was on), but the adverts made it out to be a hilarious and raucous event. I’m sure it was nothing more than a drawn out advertisement, but if Microsoft is willing to pay for me to watch [Arrested Development](http://www.hulu.com/arrested-development) and [Stargate SG-1](http://www.hulu.com/stargate-sg-1) by buying up ad space on Hulu then I’m not going to stop them. Now, what does Bing have going for it? Well they make themselves out to be more than a search engine, instead it is a “Decision Engine”. I’m not entirely sure what that is supposed mean, but there is probably some functionality that facilitates decision making, how useful it is/will be is yet to be seen. Bing also features a fancy looking front page which juxtaposes the minimalist Google front page quite nicely. I really can’t help but notice how similar Cuil and Bing are in their logotype (see below), both names are short, set in sans-serif, and both feature a color changed ‘I’ glyph (or at least a color changed part), and finally they (like this site) are set entirely in lower-case. I wonder if their choices are somehow related.
Cuil logo vs Bing logo
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Mark Says:

June 15, 2009
he\'s had a few years to work on it.

Paul Stiverson Says:

June 15, 2009
lol, Ben must have cleaned up his grammar and spelling.

Mark Says:

June 15, 2009
\"I’m sure it was nothing more than a drawn out advertisement, but if Microsoft is willing to pay for me to watch .... Stargate SG-1\" Nice try ben, what\'d you do with paul!?!?!?

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