Sweeny Todd

March 27, 2008, 10:25 a.m. by Paul Stiverson
I was getting ready to shave this morning and I thought back to the movie _Sweeny Todd_ (not the play, the movie). There are a few scenes in there where the character Sweeny Todd is preparing a razor to give a shave. This process involves stropping—running the blade of the razor along a leather strap—which refines the edge. Stropping is done in such a manner that the edge of the razor is being dragged along the leather, opposite the cutting direction. In the movie, however, Sweeny runs the blade the other way (in the cutting direction), such an action would cause the razor to slice right through the strop (this is generally considered ‘bad’). Had Mr. Depp been using sharp razors, or ever visited a barber shop for a shave, he would have noticed his folly (which I’m sure he has since been informed of). This error really took me out of my ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ mode. It is upsetting that a major studio production wouldn’t do the cursory research required to ensure the activities portrayed were realistic. (Edit: The character Pirelli stropped in the correct direction.)
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Lew Says:

March 28, 2008
Johnny Depp shaves with a sword he has never needed a strop.

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